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West Hill Community Links & Resources

Where to look, who to call.


King County Telephone Information Guide
Need to call somebody in King County Government? Need to complain about something and get it fixed? If the phone number is not in this handy list, then tell us about it. It even has related information that's not King County itself.

King County Sheriff Non-Emergency Dispatch (Web link)
(206) 296-3311

King County Sheriff West Hill Storefront Office
(206) 296-0390

12629 Renton Ave S, Seattle 98178
Deputy Kurtis Andrews (e-mail)

King County Abandoned Vehicle Reporting Hotline
(206) 205-0969

Provide as much information as possible:

  • the car's make, model, and color
  • license plate number (and state)
  • address or cross streets
  • length of time abandoned
  • number of times this vehicle has been reported
  • your name and phone (can also be reported anonymously).
If you suspect the vehicle has been stolen, call the KC Sheriff non-emergency number (206) 296-3311 instead.

King County Code Violation Reporting Hotline
(206) 296-6680

Go to www.kingcounty.gov/property/permits/ce.aspx to learn about code violations, see 'before and after' pictures, and learn how to report problem properties. These would be properties with large collections of rusty, inoperable junk cars, for example. These properties attract crime and tarnish the image of our community.
Provide as much information as possible:

  • Your name and phone number are required. If you wish to remain confidential, you must state that in your complaint.
  • Provide specific, accurate, and complete information in addition to your name and phone number. Include the address or parcel number of the property in violation, name of the property owner, name of the tenant if the property is leased, and description of the violation.
  • A parcel, its location, or permit/case number can be identified by using Parcel Viewer, which is also accessible on the online complaint form via the Property Research link.
  • Note that DDES Code Enforcement investigates complaints only in unincorporated King County. If the property is located within city limits (Seattle, Issaquah, Kent, etc.), you must contact the city, not DDES. If unsure, check jurisdiction and zoning online.

King County Public Health Hazard Reporting Hotline
206-296-SITE (7483)

Illegal dumping can be reported to: http://your.kingcounty.gov/solidwaste/cleanup/report-dumping.asp. Some properties are littered with garbage and illegal dumping of solid waste, which attracts rodents.

King County Parcel Viewer and iMAP

Go to Parcel Viewer or iMAP to find out information about a property, such as official address, parcel number, and owner.

Your King County Council Representatives

See Council Map to determine your district.

Your Washington State Representatives (external links)

See District Finder to determine your district.

Skyway VFW Post 9430 (external)
Shortly after World War II, VFW Post 9430 was established in Skyway, and it has been a vital part of the community ever since. The VFW initiated the development of Skyway Park in its infancy, before King County took over in 1953. West Hill Community Council quarterly meetings continue to be held in the VFW Post 9430 building.

RAYS (Renton Area Youth Services) (external)

12704 76th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98178

(206) 772-2050

RAYS offers many services, including free parenting classes at local schools, parent support groups, and counseling.

Parenting For Success (external) is a free, 12-week class that uses the Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families & Communities curriculum to engage those parenting children ages 3-18 years old in discussions, learning and sharing about the job of parenting.
Classes start in January and October, and usually take place in local elementary schools, such as Lakeridge and Campbell Hill.
For details on the most current class, go to the Events page.

Renton Rangers Football and Cheerleading (external)
Renton Rangers offers a chance for children ages 6-14 to join the team- either the football team or the cheerleading team. Both practice in Skyway Park in late summer and early fall.

Feet First (external)
In 2006, Feet First surveyed the area and created, among other things, a local walking map (map side / text side). Paper copies are also available at the District 20 Fire Station Training Facility as of April 2009. Paper copies are available at the Skyway Library as of April 2009.

Storefront Studio (external)
In 2006, UW Architecture students also surveyed Skyway (external) and presented (in the old Schucks building) ideas for improving the area. Follow the link above to see some of the results
Plus, click here to see some of the photos, etc, that have since been removed from their site (thanks to Professor Jim Nicholls, who gave us permission to post these files).

Dig Line (external)
811 is a new federally-mandated number designated by the FCC to consolidate all local "Call Before You Dig" numbers. For more information:

www.call811.com (external)

Olympic Pipe Line Company:
Emergency number: 888-271-8880
General: 800-564-7758

Other Local Links (external)

King County Library System

Skyway Library

King County Government
King County Fire District #20
King County Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
West Hill Business Association
Renton School District

Bryn Mawr Elementary
Campbell Hill Elementary
Lakeridge Elementary
Dimmitt Middle School
Renton High School

City of Seattle
City of Renton
City of Tukwila
Skyway Water & Sewer District

Skyway Water & Sewer District is a Special Purpose District providing water and sewer service in the West Hill area of unincorporated King County. The District's present service area is the result of the merger of several individual water and sewer districts. The District shares service boundaries with the cities of Renton, Tukwila, Seattle, and King County Water District #125. The District maintains approximately 40 miles of water mains and 48 miles of sewer system piping, as well as numerous pump stations, reservoirs, pressure reducing stations and fire hydrants. Three local citizens are elected to the District's Board of Commissioners by voters living within the District's Boundaries.

Southeast Seattle Senior Center
Burst for Prosperity
Catholic Community Services Volunteer Chore Services
4C Coalition
Skyway Solutions

Other King County Unincorporated Area Councils (external links)

Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council
Greater Maple Valley Area Council
North Highline Unincorporated Area Council
Upper Bear Creek Community Council
Vashon-Maury Island Community Council


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